Wednesday, October 8, 2008


And now, my prayers are answered. God gave me chance to work abroad. After a long wait. We applied September 2005 we scheduled to flight March 2006. I went to Palau for contract employment of 2 years. I worked as an Accountant in a trading business. Actually, I feel that I’m not working overseas. It’s just a province surrounded by water. No cinemas, no big shopping malls. Koror, which is the capital of Palau, is part of Federal State of Micronesia, it's an island with 20,000 plus population and most of them are Filipinos. It’s a diving destination particularly Japanese and Chinese because of its white and virgin beaches.

By that experienced, I realized I’m thankful that I’m still single. I just went to work. To gain an experience abroad for additional professional points. I don't have children or boyfriend to worry about. I have a co-worker who is a mother of two. She and her husband worked together in our company. Everytime she calls her children in the Philippines, I feel what she feels. Living far without your children on your side, it’s big a sacrifice. But now, they are already in Bangladesh together with their children and I am happy for them.

I’ve learned a lot of things in my experience in Palau. First, I’ve learned to make myself active particularly in playing badminton three times a week. I really enjoyed the games and I gained a lot of friends. I’ve learned to play the holla hoops which is my exercise if we don’t have game schedule. I’ve learned how to swim in a deep part of the ocean. I overcome my fear in the water. I’ve learned to adjust their cultures.

By staying for two years and one month in Palau is a long time for me. I celebrated two Christmas time, New Year and my birthday twice. I decided not to renew my contract because I want to change my environment. I consider Palau as my second home. That place thought me a lot of things particularly about struggles how to survived homesickness. He thought me the feelings of an OFW working far to earn a living for his family. Palau thought me to become more mature person and to live simply.

But sad to say, the time came, April 30, 2008 I have to leave the place, the place which was became a part of my life. I feel sad because I don’t know if when I gonna see the people that I met their again. They are just a part of my life. I’m really thankful for their kindness that they showed during my stay. I feel happy because I finish my contract without any hassle and I’m excited to see Manila and my family again. I consider myself as a winner. I’m a “SURVIVOR PALAU”

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Purpose

Based on the book “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren everything happens for a reason. We are here in this world with a purpose. And I truly believed that. We go places because we have a purpose whether to enjoy for a vacation from stressful work in the Metro or to earn a living for yourself and for your love ones. Everything that are happening in our lives whether good or bitter or what we called blessing in disguise, just always think that there’s a reason behind it. As I examined my life now, I’m asking if what is my “purpose”? I want to know. Well, its a long long journey.

As I looked my life way way back, my life is not so boring nor not so exciting. I fall in love at the age of 20, my first love, whom I met when I worked as a part-time crew in a fast food chain. I enjoyed his company and we got developed. I graduated from college without my parents on my side, because they are based in our province, Capiz, where I grew up. I live indepentdently. All I know that my parents trusted me so much. And I didn’t failed their expectations. After graduation, my parents encouraged me to review in preparation for the licensure exam but I choose to look for a job instead, because I am not emotionally stable during that time, due to hearthache, our relationship didn’t worked out because of third party on his side (but its ok. life must go on) And I know its just a waste of money and time if I review. Im not ready We apply for a job together with my best friend in college. We were lucky to find one in Makati. I am very thankful for my boss because she gives me chance to work without my transcript of records and diploma yet, I just graduated few weeks ago.

I stayed in Systems Standards, Inc. (SSI) for 3 years. I gained professional experience and more important is I gained friends. I work as an Accounting Assistant and I am the youngest member of the Finance Department. By that company, I feel that I belonged to the group. Based on Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs, I remember that in our Management class, every human being needs for psychological and safety needs which is basic. I acquired the third needs in the hierarchy which is the “belongingness’’ from my co-workers. But sad to say, because of the economic condition of the Philippines during that time ( year 2002) the company slowly shut down. Other subsidiary companies that I handle closed. So the management decide to retrench some personnel and I am included in that cost cutting decision.

After that, it was October 2002, I took a rest for one month. I am worried, my third sister is with me studying in PMI. We don’t have money to spent for our daily expense because I don’t have work. The support of our parents is not enough. And Christmas season was approaching. I need money. So I accept the offer to work in General Milling Corporation in a contractual basis for 6 months. Its just a boring work, I only do that for the sake of income. I miss my old company. I can’t help it comparing the people from my previous job. Maybe God feel that I didn’t enjoy the company I worked with, He sent my former classmate in PCU. Epie contacted me. We don’t talk for a long time, but we have each others mobile number. I know that he work in an IT school as a payroll assistant. He told me that there is an vacant position for an Accounting graduate in the Finance Department of Asia Pacific College. So I don’t hesitate to apply. Maybe because of my experiences they hire me among many applicants for that position. I work as an Accountant in APC for 3 years. I enjoyed working because it’s a school, I see plenty people, such as students and faculties. Every enrollment and exams I do cashiering work, it was fun. My gained friend who I consider as my best friend Che-che, who work in the registrar’s office. She always invited me everytime there is an occasion in their house. So her family knows me already. My boss is so kind not only kind he is considerate.

Year 2003, my brother came to study in Manila (he is the youngest among the four (4) children in the family)I have 2 students now, my sister who is in 3rd year college and my brother as a freshman. My income is not enough to support for them. Im very thankful that we are not paying for the house rent. We have income for the rental of our house in the first floor. My mother only support for their tuition fees. How about their daily allowance? But we manage to survive.

During that few years after my first boyfriend, nothing follows. Im not a choosy girl, but Im looking for some sparks which I haven’t find to the guys you are interested in me. Maybe that’s my one purpose why until now I don’t have any commitment to somebody because I still have more to do with my life. Its hard to make a decision, considering other people. Im enjoying my freedom. I’m planning to work abroad. I will try to find my luck to other places at the same time I want to look for my happiness and some spark.